A Pioneer of Linear Motion Technologies



Message from CEO

To the world, introducing "new value"
Since our company's establishment in 1964, from the first linear motion bearing was introduced to Japan and manufactured, we have been a leading manufacturer of linear motion bearing by keeping a dedicated reserch and development and accumulating know-how of manufacturing of it. "TSK" brand linear bearings are now well recognized and highly evaluated by the customers worldwide without stopping a continuous evolution. In the 21st century, while more advanced technology and convenience are required, we will aim for being "Only One Partner" who can quickly develop, propose and provide really desired products for the customers by unique and different manufacturing from others, and this idea is what we have been aiming at since our establishment. Globalized economy will be advanced more and more, and it will make customer needs more diverse and varied. We will continue challenging to a variety of customer needs and will progress our manufacturing forward even more so that we can meet our customer's expectation.

President / CEO
Mitsuo Takeuchi

Corporate Profile

Company Name Takeuchi Precision Works Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 246-16 Egoshi, Kurosuno, Izumi-machi, Iwaki City, Fuskushima Pref. Japan 971-8184
TEL/FAX TEL +81-246-56-5281 / FAX +81-246-56-5282
Foundation June, 1964
Establishment May, 1967
President / CEO Mitsuo Takeuchi
Capital 91.8 million Yen
Employees 130
Business R&D, manufacturing and distribution of machine element components such as ball screws and linear motion bearings(LMB).
Offices in Japan Headquarters(Fukushima Pref.), Kanto branch(Saitama Pref.), Kansai branch(Shiga Pref.)
関連会社 TSK(テイエスケー)株式会社
海外事業所 TSK America Co.,Ltd. (アメリカ)概要 BIC Japan Co.,Ltd. (ベトナム)概要
  • Headquarters (Japan)

  • BIC Japan Co.,Ltd. (Vietnam)

  • TSK America Co.,Ltd. (U.S.A)

Sales Office Locations

◎Sales office in Japan

Sales Headquarters
Area covered : All over Japan
246-16 Egoshi, Kurosuno, Izumi-machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref., Japan 971-8184 MAP
TEL: +81-246-56-5281 / FAX: +81-246-56-5282
Kanto Branch
Area covered : Kanto, Hokushinetsu, Tokai regions
#103,5-2-7 Higashi-Tokorozawa, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Pref., Japan 359-0021 MAP
TEL (042)945-3750 / FAX (042)945-3680
Kansai Branch
Area covered : Chubu, Hokuriku, Kinki, Shikoku, Chugoku regions
#102, 562-2 Kawabe, RittoCity, Shiga Pref., Japan 520-3014 MAP
TEL: +81-77-551-2255 / FAX: +81-77-551-2256

◎Export from Japan

International Sales Dept.
Area covered: All countries outside of Japan
246-16 Egoshi, Kurosuno, Izumi-machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref., Japan 971-8184 MAP
TEL: +81-246-56-8590 / FAX: 81-246-56-5280

Operating Division

Operating Division
R&D Division
We quickly reflect customer needs into our production by precisely catching feedback from our domestic and overseas customers and sales division.
Sales Division
We provide solutions to a variety of customer needs by fully utilizing our collective capabilities based on our customer's feedback worldwide.
Quality Control Division
Under the responsibility of providing "Risk-Free" products to our customers, we pursue the most suitable quality control method in each process so the reliability of every TSK products are always being excellent condition .
Manufacturing Division
In order to meet diversified customer needs, we perform production activities under our motto in more speedy delivery of better products exceeding customer's expectation.

Group Companies

◎in Japan

Mechanical components parts sales
Company Name TSK Co.,Ltd.
Address 246-16 Egoshi, Kurosuno, Izumi-machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref., Japan 971-8184 MAP
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-246-56-0591 / FAX: +81-246-56-1147
E-Mail netshop@tsklmb.com
Establishment DEC, 1989
President Mitsuo Takeuchi
Capital 16 million Yen

◎Overseas Countries

Subsidiary in Vietnam
Company Name BIC Japan Co.,Ltd.
Address 30A, Tu do Avenue, V.S.I.P., Thuan an DistrictBinh Duong Providence, VietNam MAP
TEL/FAX TEL +84(650)-3767515 / FAX+84 650-3767512
E-Mail bic@bic-japan.com
Establishment August, 2018
President Mitsuo Takeuchi
Capital US$ 1,000,000

Subsidiary in U.S.A.
Company Name TSK America Co.,Ltd.
Address 9668 Inter Ocean Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 USA MAP
TEL/FAX TEL +1 (513)942-4002 / FAX +1 (513)942-4003
E-Mail info@tsk-america.com
Establishment May, 1995
President Takeshi Takeuchi
Capital US$ 300,000

ISO Certification

Our main factory in Japan makes a social contribution and respond to customer's expectations through development, manufacturing and distribution of "linear motion system" which support the progress of positioning technology for the most advanced control equipment such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools and medical equipments. Based on the recognition that it is a social responsibility of the companies to succeed healthy global environment to next generations, we work on continuous reduction of the environmental load and maintenance and improvement of natural environments.

ISO 9001 (QMS)

Quality Policy
We build the trust by providing products and services that meet customer's satisfaction and trust.


ISO 14001 (EMS)

Enviromental Policy
Under the participation of all employees and the people related to TSK, we promote eco-friendly manufacturing and development of the products and positively work on the preservation of global environment.